About CatersIn

We are a one-stop marketplace for online catering services, offering you the best, locally-sourced food for all kinds of events, functions, meetings and conferences. We have an array of expert caterers on board who design the perfect menu to complement any event. We cut all the hassle of finding the right caterer and make it quick and convenient for you. No hidden charges, only delicious food!

Discover CatersIn

For starters…

Our founders Vindhyashree and Mana Mohan picked up the idea of implementing a single platform for all catering solutions during their stint abroad. Working for a Singapore-based online corporate catering company, they observed that there was no such model in India. Sensing a nascent market for the same in their hometown Bangalore, they decided to take the plunge. Their collective experience in the industry equipped them with first-hand knowledge of the challenges involved and tools required to work around them. Extensive planning ensued, followed by brainstorming and preparing digital blueprints. And CatersIn was born!

The Mains…

Armed with passion, determination, skill and a similar vision for CatersIn, Vindhyashree and Mana Mohan used their previous experience with a corporate catering company to build CatersIn from ground up. Refraining from outsourcing the tough jobs, they took the old-school route and hustled from caterer to caterer. Presently, they lead a team of multi-taskers towards the goal of connecting customers with catering companies and automating their businesses.

The Icing…

CatersIn is here to make events easier for you. From selecting the spread to making payments, the catering process has been made as simple as on-demand food delivery. Choose and customise the menu according to the occasion- a traditional buffet, a grand social gathering, a chic party, a corporate power lunch, everyday office meals or pet parties too! 

We connect caterers directly with you, saving you the hassle of finding caterers, and helping them build their online presence as well as earn repeat business. Caterers save on the time spent chasing sales and can instead focus on enhancing their repertoire of happy customers. Catering has been an offline business by and large, and we intend to help caterers overcome the modern technological challenges. We simplify it for our catering partners and for you too!


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